Excited for Super Time Force? You should be. Capy's homage to all things Contra, Metal Slug and pretty much any sort of 1980's late-Cold War/early '90s American glory machismo aesthetic culture comes out for Xbox One and 360 this month and we can't wait to play it. Basically the gist is that, much like in any run-and-gun shooter, you die a lot – but in STF every time you die the game records a log of that life, which become a copy of yourself that then plays out next to your current one (much in the same way Super Meat Boy showed you every death leading up the victorious Meat Boy who actually finished the level).

Unlike Meat Boy, STF takes it a step further, making you strategize (not to mention mix n' match!) different past lives to create a wall of unstoppable killing prowess (that is, at least, one way to play the game, though maybe not as a winning tactic as it might be. Looks cool, though). There's more to STF, of course, not to mention the game's weird humor. If all else fails, it has a dinosaur with shades.

Just watch the video, you won't regret it. STF drops May 14.

[Via Youtube]