With the reveal of Call of Duty's latest entry it seems the age of so-called "modern warfare" may be drawing to a close. The appropriately titled Advanced Warfare takes place in 2054, with Kevin Spacey leading the charge as head of the world's largest PMC. The "advanced" in the title doesn't just account for the game's focus on PMCs or strictly the year, either – soldiers weapons and equipment will also follow suit with combat exoskeletons and specialized high-tech gear like hoverbikes, drones and energy burst ordnance.

With R&D labs and defense contractors like DARPA and Lockheed working on developing military exoskeletons for future soldiers, it'll be interesting to see how the concept is handled in the video game space. At any rate, it should make getting around in-game easier. But will you be able to match up to the PMCs?

Advanced Warfare will be out, as always, in November.

[Via Polygon