In true stupid high schooler fashion, students at a California high school started selecting prom dates in an NFL draft-like fashion. School administrators are on a mission to shut it down. God speed.

The draft, which was started at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, Calif. last year, involves male students ranking female students in terms of how attractive they are before playing front office and selecting their dates like draft picks. Principal Kathy Scott sent parents a letter over the weekend basically asking them to tell their kids to skip the draft. 

Though they can't really stop it from happening, administrators apparently haven't thought to threaten the prom's cancellation. What's really fucked up about the draft is that self-styled amateur "talent evaluators" actually incorporate money. One kid reportedly spent $140 to go with a girl he didn't even know. A student told the Daily Pilot that "[the girl] finds it awkward that he chose her."

That exposes something else: the girls—or at least some of them—go along with draft rules. Some students even claim that a lot of the unrest among Corno del Mar High's female student body only stems from the fact that junior boys are asking sophomore girls to be their dates. Kids these days.

The prom is still scheduled for June 6, and how ironic is it that this news breaks the week of the 2014 NFL draft?

[via Gawker and Daily Pilot]

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