According to the NYPD, a man entered the East Village's Church of the Immaculate Conception, sneaked into a priest's third-floor bedroom, and stole $11,000 from his nightstand. 

If that sounds like a whole lot of cash to keep lying around, it's because that is a whole lot of cash to keep lying around. According to the Rev. Kevin Nelan, the money was being kept there for a visiting bishop from Nigeria, which begs the question: Do Nigerian bishops hate banks?

Anyhow. While the bold and blasphemous act itself went smoothly, the thief was caught in full-view on surveillance cam video. So if you see a Fred Durst lookalike flaunting $11k in Nigerian cash, do the right thing and call the proper authorities. In the meantime, Immaculate Conception should probably invest in a proper safe of some sort. 

[via Gothamist and ABC 7]

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