Bill Nye was a guest on CNN's Crossfire, and got into a heated debate with the host and another guest, Nick Loris of the Heritage foundation (a conservative think tank), about climate change.

As you'd expect, the debate centered on Nye trying his best to convince them that the government's recent National Climate Assessment report, which paints a dire picture of the future, is based on fact. The host, S.E. Cupp, belittled Nye at one point by using "Science Guy" in a negative tone, adding that scientists and the government are using scare tactics by reporting on the flooding and increased temperatures that will come if we don't curb emissions.  

"Let's just start with, we don't agree on the facts," Nye says to Loris and Cupp. "This third report came out, saying it's very serious. You say, 'No.' Right? There's the essence of the problem."

Check out the debate in the videos below.