A Florida millionaire and his associate were robbed by three men dressed as ninjas, authorities say. 

WFTV reports that Bill Kitchen, the filthy rich founder of U.S. Thrillrides, returned to his Windmere, Fla. mansion with wind-surfing instructor Camilo Espinel on Wednesday evening when the three suspects accosted them. They were led inside as the assailants demanded money, jewelry and other valuable possessions. 

In true disrespectful robber fashion, one of them took Kitchen's hat off and wore it during the robbery. 

After spending an hour rummaging through the house, the three suspects fled in a vehicle they stole from either Kitchen or Espinel. The victims were able to free themselves and call 911 at a neighbor's house shortly after. 

Local authorities are calling the robbery an isolated incident, and it remains unclear if Kitchen or Espinel were specifically targeted.

[via WFTV]

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