Where: East Village
Atmosphere: Tokyo chic
Website: sakebardecibel.com
What to order: Daruma Masamune and Takowasa

As one of the first sake bars in New York, Decibel has reigned as the supreme of underground cool since 1993. Unmarked dingy metal stairs lead you down to a small speakeasy covered in graffiti that will remind you of a time when the East Village’s burgeoning art scene was similar to Bushwick’s today. The space is intimate, perfect for newly minted couples, friends catching up, and late night party goers looking to soak up some excess alcohol with Decibel’s traditional Japanese snacks while keeping their party going—with a little help of some amazing sake. Try the Daruma Masamune. Traditionally, popular opinion dictates that the fresher the sake the better. However this unique vintage blend has undergone an aging process that gives its natural sweetness an undeniable depth of flavor. If you're looking for a snack, order the Takowasa—raw, chopped octopus with enough wasabi to clear your sinuses for the rest of allergy season.