Where: Lower East Side
Atmosphere: Casual
Website: azasunyc.com
What to order: One Cup Ozeki and Chicken Karaage

Newly opened by the owners of Yopparai, Azasu has everything Yopparai has but it's more laid back. The food is fast, casual and satisfying. The space is big enough for large gatherings, and the sake collection is as accessible as it gets. Azasu also offers New York’s largest array of cup sake—individually packaged jars of sake called Ozeki which are typically found in vending machines throughout Japan. (That's right, vending machines with alcohol. Book your one-way ticket to Tokyo now.) Some might call these the 40-ounce of the East. But hey, what’s more New York than making the low-brow, high-brow? The Chicken Karaage is sake and ginger marinated chicken. It's the perfect, peppery fried chicken to rival any in the south.