PMK Customs, the company that provides sneakerheads with a way to customize their sneakers, is now letting people personalize that other important fashion accessory: their Beats headphones.

With Beats currently in the process of being bought out by Apple, the company is getting a huge spotlight in the public that it hasn't experienced before. And what does that mean? More people are going to head to Best Buy to pick those bad boys up. So, if you want to make sure you're not sitting across from someone with the same ones you have on, you can head to PMK to create your own design. Most recently, the company provided LeBron James with a custom pair, which you can check out in the pictures here:

While James has his headphones fitted with red lizard skin and cushion made of ostrich, we advise customizing yours without the use of exotic animals and the like. Perhaps the more subtle designs may speak louder than anything else. There are many possibilities.

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