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At the end of last week, authorities arrested two men for trying to sell heroin in Hartford, Conn. Their arrest would lead to the eventual discovery of several pounds of heroin and cocaine, as well as weapons and cash.

Guillermo Esteban Margarin, 32, and Edualin Tapia, 28, are both suspected members of a Bronx heroin ring. A press release from the Special Narcotics Prosector's Office states that on Friday, Margarin and Tapia were caught leaving a known heroin mill in the Bronx's Kingsbridge section. Authorities followed them to Hartford, where they were seen trying to dump a "white substance" down the drain at a home. 

A group of law enforcement agents from the NYPD, State Police and DEA would later discover 53 pounds of heroin, 20 pound cocaine, two assault rifles and $85,000 in cash inside two apartments and a storage unit all located in the Bronx. 

According to police, Hartford is an ideal outpost for New York City heroin dealers because the street value is nearly twice as high. Margarin and Tapia were both charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy. 

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