Memorial Day is coming up, bringing with it the annual flood of parades, friends, and family. The holiday also brings some of the first signs of summer, giving you the warm weather you've been craving for months. And as many of us take the day off from work, it becomes an opportune time to go on a road trip, host a party, or go to a barbecue. Yet, it can be difficult making sure that everything goes according to plan. If you're grilling, do you know how to make the perfect burger? When you're playing bartender for your party, do you have all the supplies for everyone's favorite drink? Or, if you're headed out of town, do you know how to get where you need to go as efficiently as possible? 

With these 10 Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Memorial Day Weekend, the guesswork of enjoying your holiday weekend are erased. Read through, download, and quit making your vacation harder than it needs to be.

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