Unfortunately, Angelina Jolie had a make-up mishap to end all make-up mishaps go down last night when she accompanied Brad Pitt to the premiere of HBO's The Normal Heart: put simply, she kind of looked like she got into a fight—and promptly lost said fight—with a bag of flour. (The powder on her face and chest is, of course, highlighting powder, but flour sounds funnier.)

It's totally understandable and common for make-up mishaps to happen on the red carpet—things that may look fine under regular lighting won't look the same when the reflective camera flashses go off at a mile a minute, for instance—but seriously, did no one see any trace of that powder?

And most importantly, who told Brad Pitt that the whole Elvis look was in?

We'll probably never know, but these photos are hilarious anyway. Check them out above.

[via PacificCoastNews]