Project: Various 
63 Flushing Ave. 
Various stages of development

At its height during the second World War, the Brooklyn Navy Yard employed 70,000 people working 24 hours a day. For the past several decades, however, those numbers have shrunk drastically and many buildings sit derelict and unused. Things are about to change, however, with massive redevelopment plan that hopes to turn the shipyard into a new center for technology and industry. Admirals Row, Building 77, and Building 128 are all seeing huge new projects, while the Steiner Media Campus addition to Steiner Studio—an ultra modern new complex—is supposed to bring 2,500 new tech-centric jobs to the area. The U.S. military may no longer have a use for the area, but the next few years are going to see a new boom for Brooklyn's most underutilized waterfront.

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