In past decades, Brooklyn has been mocked by Manhattanites, celebrated by residents, and known as some place the Beastie Boys sang about to everyone else, but in recent years the borough has moved from cultural curiosity to development hot-spot. While there are both positive and negative aspects to the borough's gentrification (just ask Spike Lee), watching it happen has been a mind-blowing experience on a purely visual level. As a non-native Brooklynite myself,  I've watched high-rises rise, a stadium get built, and Williamsburg become a hipster Disneyland all in a few year's time. To take a look at the next wave of changes to Brooklyn's skyline, City Guide asked photographer Liz Barclay to capture eight evolving areas before new construction alters them forever. Included next to the images are thumbnails that show renderings of what's to come in the future. Check these neighborhoods out now, because in five years time, you won't be able to recognize them.

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