Address: 399 9th St.

This is one of San Francisco's oldest gay bars. The Stud does not publish their address on their website because they are that old school. This place is cramped and oddly laid out. The sofa is parked against the pool table, which is blocking the path to the photobooth. Good thing all the studs have crammed onto the dance floor, and no one is dancing. Instead everyone is transfixed by a drag queen lip-syncing to The Knife. It's hard for me to determine if a gay guy is being douchey, so it's a good thing I met Zach. He introduced himself by saying, “You can Google me,” followed by admitting, “that was really douchey.” Zach assures me that, "Gay guys are plenty douchey: alcoholism, petty bullshit—everything here is shallow.” He turns to look at his friend and turns back to me, "We're being shallow,” he says with a shrug.