You see that big green guy up above? He's the star of Godzilla, and he’s about to tear shit up.

More so than Peter Parker, it seems, since The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which officially kicks off the summer movie season today, isn’t very good. But that’s the beauty of frequenting your local multiplex from May through August—if one new film is a huge disappointment, there’s always something opening the following weekend. And the weekend after that. And then the one after that.

This year, spectacle lovers can look forward to Mark Wahlberg helping us all forget about that ridiculous name “Sam Witwicky” in Transformers: Age of Extinction, as well as every mutant on Marvel’s deep roster joining forces for the hopefully-not-overcrowded X-Men: Days of Future Past; comedy heads have the sequel 22 Jump Street and Seth MacFarlane’s first attempt at becoming a live-action movie star, the silly western A Million Ways to Die in the West; people who love bad ideas will flock to see a Michael-Bay-produced, live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and hope it doesn’t ruin their childhood; and art-house regulars will be rewarded with prestigious new films from acclaimed directors like Richard Linklater and James Gray.

Having sifted through three loaded months’ worth of cinema, each member of the Complex Pop Culture staff has his or her own predictions and preferences regarding the Summer 2014 Movie Season, many of which will probably anger fanboys worldwide. Take a look at our thoughts and see if you agree, disagree, or want to skip basic opinions altogether and just fight us in an AMC Loews parking lot.

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