City: Chicago
: 311 East 75th St.

This is one case where “just the tip” is a good thing. Lem’s Bar-B-Q is known for their chewy, fatty tips, the kind that even vegetarian girls fight over once they get a glimpse of those glistening, charred remnants dripping with animal grease. Chitown’s ribs-and-links game is spot-on at Lem’s, an architecturally-interesting foodie paradise behind a retro façade.

Created in 1954 by two brothers who went by the last name “Lemon,” Lem’s doesn’t just dabble in meat; they are masters of their craft and have other morsels on the menu like fried shrimp and fried chicken. Their infamous special recipe barbecue sauce can also be purchased by the gallon for those who want to guzzle that glorious stuff or just spread it on their tips straight from the pit they were smoked in.