I’ve got a sweet tooth the size of Mount St. Sugar Castle. (And that’s a real place, so don’t bother fact-checking me, okay, tough guy/gal?) Anyways, yeah, so a sugar palate this sophisticated absolutely requires a pro behind the rolling pin, and ol’ Momma B is just that. In fact, she’s more than a pro. She’s an innovator. She’s the Steve Wozniak of deliciousness. She’s constantly taking little tidbits and tips from all corners of the culinary community and infusing her own spin on them. I’d cite specifics, but then I’d have to make you part of my family, and I’m not sure you’re ready for that. She bakes for the love of the golden brown crust and that’s it. It doesn’t matter if I’m not hungry, on a diet, or not even in the same state. Once she gets inspired, it’s being made and I’m sampling it. You’d be surprised at how well a three layer coconut cake with strawberry frosting and toasted coconut holds up in a FedEx overnight box.