On June 10, the fifth season Pretty Little Liars, known to stans as PLL, premieres on ABC Family. When the show first began in 2010, no one expected it to last this long or become one of the most addictive shows on television. But a strong cast of female leads crossed with a never-ending stream of twists and turns have turned the show into a social media phenomenon. The spooky series centers on four best friends and their quest to find out what happened to the leader of the group after she disappears without a trace one summer. Complicating the process is the unidentified A, who taunts the girls through texts and, on multiple occasions, attempts to destroy their lives.

If you've never seen PLL, have no fear. There's no need to binge-watch all four seasons (that's 95 episodes). We've compiled the 10 best episodes to watch to help you catch up in time for the show's summer premiere. So sit back, jack your little sister's Nancy Drew notebook, and experience the mystery that is the elusive A and the thrill that is Pretty Little Liars.

Colleen Thornhill is a Pretty Little Liars junkie who rewatched all four seasons just for this. She tweets here

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