Arrow has seemingly pulled off the impossible during its two-season run. Not only is the show’s storyline unpredictable, emotional, and action-packed, but it also manages to incorporate many elements from the DC comics without making them feel forced. The series has intertwined comic classics like the League of Assassins and Deathstroke with more obscure characters like the Bronze Tiger and Clock King for a world that both pays tributes to the books, while also forging its own trail.

Tonight marks the epic second season finale for Arrow, pitting Ollie and his crew against Deathstroke’s army. Deathstroke has been a key villain over the last two years, but you have to assume this will be the climax of their conflict, leaving plenty of room for more villains next season. And with so many crooks, terrorists, assassins, and mad scientists to choose from, we’re taking a look at 10 DC villains who should appear on Arrow next season.

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