About two weeks ago, a Vine featuring a bespectacled boy by the name of Lil Meatball (his Instagram alias) performing the YEET dance went viral. As of right now, the Vine has more than 117,000 likes and 136,000 revines. Not long after, the Internet decided to turn Meatball, who is a 13-year-old Dallas, Texas native, into a meme:

Here is Part 2 of Lil Meatball's YEET dance.

SayCheezeTV recently interviewed Meatball, where he dropped quotables such as:

"We were just messing around, now look at me," saying TerRio would be "no competition" in a dance battle. TerRio has yet to respond, but how great would that be? Peep the video below.

Now, what we're all thinking: