Location: Kenya
Scariest fact: They guzzle jerrycans of human blood.
Murder weapons: Machetes, spears, poison, and clubs.

Mungiki is a mysterious gang that also operates like a cult. They’ve been known to do weird (read: batshit crazy) things. “Mungiki" translates to “multitude” in Kikuyu, a Bantu language. This is fitting because there are anywhere between 100,000 and a few million members. An exact number is unknown because the Mungikis have a secretive nature. The militant gang, which was banned in 2002, terrorizes Kenya with violent extortion, political affiliations, controlling public transportation, murder, and kidnappings. In May of last year, BBC reported that Mungiki set a town called Gatundu on fire because an operator allegedly declined to give the gang money.