Releasing a game every few months on multiple platforms is a serious headache for developer Telltale games. Perhaps if The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us weren't as good as they are no one would care. However, gamers do. Thankfully the developer announced today that episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile will release today for PC and Mac on Steam and Telltale's online store. It also drops today for PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation Network. Xbox 360 users will have to wait until tomorrow, April 9, to get A Crooked Mile. The developer says that the iOS version will release later this week.

The Wolf Among Us is a DC-owned graphic series that's one of the best out there. The story follows Fabletown gumshoe Bigby Wolf has he tries to protect a town full of fables and legends from themselves. Check out the links below for more details about the series.

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