This person has seen some shit and you don't want to hear about it. You think you do, but you don't. They ride trains without tickets. They own a knapsack—not for fashion, but for holding their life together. They already left Las Vegas. The beauty of L.A. for these types is that no one will know what they've been through and no one will care. That, and gambling's illegal so that should help keep them on an even keel for awhile. Anyone in L.A. who is stubbornly vague about their background ("just the Midwest, okay?!") has some runaway in them. And they're not just Americans: L.A. has the largest concentration of Mexicans outside of Mexico, Koreans outside of Korea, Samoans outside of Samoa... They're all running away from something (in these cases Mexico, Korea, and Samoa), and finding home in LA.