A man in Seattle, who goes by Surveillance Camera Man on YouTube, is terrorizing citizens with a camcorder. 

This dude, who is still anonymous at this point, walks up to people and stares at them while recording video. And he'll keep staring, even when people get annoyed and ask him what he's doing, to which he'll either say, "it's just a video," or not say anything at all. From what we can tell, he's not using anything like Google Glass — although it's eerily similar to what we may face when it becomes widely available.

From the videos we've watched, he seems to have a single motivation: to get people to think about the cameras around them. Whether they're out in public or on private property, our surveillance-driven society is showing no signs of slowing down, and we seem to be coasting along for the ride. In some sense, he's trying to get people mad at him, in the hopes they'll be more aware of cameras everywhere.

While he does most of his filming in public, which is perfectly legal, he does go above and beyond crazy when he walks into a Taco Bell and films their workers, which is really, really illegal. 

So, what would you do if this guy came up to you?