It’s only been about 24 hours since we learned that David Letterman will be retiring from the Late Show in 2015, but that isn’t stopping the rumors about his successor from dominating the news today. And according to Mashable, Stephen Colbert is CBS’ top choice to replace the late night comedy legend. Not only is CBS keen on the idea, but the site is also reporting that Colbert himself is very receptive to making the move.

Apparently the network has also talked with John Stewart about the job, but the site is adamant that it’s Colbert who is garnering the most interest. A potential move to the Late Show would also mean that Colbert would leave behind the satirical conservative character he plays on The Colbert Report.

Colbert’s contract with Comedy Central runs out at the end of 2014, so it’s looking like the stars could align for a 2015 debut. We’ll keep you updated as these rumors continue to surface.

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