Bitching about the Star Wars prequels was passé when we all discovered what midichlorians were.

They were shit. Unabashed, port-o-potty shit. But out of all the rat-tails and Gungans, we did get Darth Maul. Cool as he may have been, he did go out like a chump in the third act.

In the films at least. In the Expanded Universe (EU) of comics and cartoons, he miraculously survived being cut in half and thrown to his apparent death. 

Before LucasArts shuttered, they were planning on giving Maul a title of his own that looks to have been a sort of prequel to the prequels, he still has both of his legs in the footage above. The title was being developed by Red Fly, and would have starred another character from the EU, Darth Talon.

The female Sith was introduced in the Dark Horse Star Wars: Legacy series and she would've made a dope addition to a video game.

Oh well, enjoy the footage.

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