the first prototype of Titanfall...was created in the same engine that powered Rachet & Clank: A Crack In Time

The release of The Final Hours of Titanfall app/essay from Geoff Keighley, reveals the long legal struggle to found a new game studio and the long, bitter legal battle that took place with Activision as the Call of Duty creators tried to strike out on their own.

But before Titanfall was exclusive to Microsoft, developer Respawn reached out to Sony to find out the specs of the PlayStation 4. Sony wouldn't divulge the information, according to the article, but did offer to help make the game for the PlayStation Vita.

The Final Hours of Titanfall also reveals that many developers came forward to help Respawn offering game engines for free. In fact the first prototype of Titanfall, called R1, was created in the same engine that powered Rachet & Clank: A Crack In Time.

Also detailed is the bitter lawsuit that took up huge amounts of time and energy as "almost half the company" would regularly be pulled away from work to take part in multi-hour meetings with lawyers. "Often those discussions would spill over into the afternoon with debates about the latest legal maneuver," Geoff Keighley writes. "The rest of the company was supposed to be heads-down working on the game, but one Google Alert about the lawsuit sent development into a tailspin for the rest of the afternoon."

Can you imagine the mech shooter on the small screen?

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