Here's a dumb question: Would you play a Nintendo 64 hand-held system?

Don't think there's a gamer alive that would answer that in the negative and, thanks to Reddit, it looks like a portable N64 system is a possibility.

This N64 mod is literally a work of art. The tutorial video makes the process seem pretty involved, but it also looks like the handhelds could be seeing a mass production run.

The handheld incorporates a 3.5" screen, a Rumble Pak, an Expansion Pak, a GameCube analog stick and provides just shy of four hours of battery life. Wanna see the portable in action, check out this video:

A modder by the name of Bungle posted this video on the Bacman forum for retro console mods, and has stated that he wants to start selling these little bastards. We'd much rather play this on our morning commute, so count us in as customers.

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[via Reddit, Kotaku]