From the getgo, the plot of Luc Besson's Lucy is unimaginably dark: To put it simply, some goons kidnap Scarlett Johansson and stick some drugs in her body for her to smuggle into the U.S., and by that we mean they literally perform surgery on her, against her will, to hide a bag of drugs in her lower stomach. Before the plot can go the way of Brokedown Palace, though, Scar.Jo is captured and beaten, which causes the bag to rupture and the drugs in her body invade Johansson's bloodstream...and for her to suddenly gain superhuman powers and become a badass killing machine. Apparently now, she can access all 100% of her brain instead of the usual 10% (this little a myth) thanks to the drug.

Since everyone accesses most of their brain most of the time, it's safe to assume that she's just really high. Right?

Lucy was written and directed by Luc Besson hits theaters August 8 and also stars Morgan Freeman, and Analeigh Tipton

[via Vulture]