The only thing that reassures us about the MorpHex MKII is that it's servos are so loud. If there's an army of these things, we'll hear them coming.

In reality, this robot is really cool. It's a transforming droid with two motors in each leg that let it walk and transform into a ball and roll around. You can see it in action in the video above (you might want to turn your speakers, down. It makes an annoying whirring noise).

Over at MotherboardNorwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen says that controlling the MKII is "just like driving an RC car."

Here at Complex, we're very pro-robot, so we're totally cool with a bunch of these guys running around. That is, as long as no one pops some guns or lasers onto them. Then we're in Terminator territory, and we can't have that.

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[via Motherboard]