Robe Lowe, is literally one of the most versatile actors of all time. He's been in Salem's Lot, The Outsiders, Behind the Candelabra, and most notably Parks and Recreation. Yesterday, Lowe sat down and did an AMA at Reddit and it's one of the more interesting ones to have taken place. Here are some of the best questions and answers from the session: 

Apparently, Rob Lowe is deaf in his right ear:

Not a lot of people realize that I am totally and completely stone deaf in my right ear. So if you ever meet me in a crowded restaurant and are standing on my right side trying to talk to me, I'm not rude, I'm just really deaf.

His insane character, Eddie Nero from Californication, has real world inspiration:

Eddie is one of my all-time favorite roles. I could play Eddie Nero for 100 years. And NEVER get bored. I will miss him SO MUCH when Californication ends. But he is based on all of the demented, pretentious, intellectual, sexually confused, A-list Academy Award winning movie stars that I know.

The Parks and Recreation cast members are very similar to their characters:

All of the actors have profound similarities to their characters. And that's what's so great about the writers, is that they find an interesting kernel of truth and then build on it in a kinetic way. For example, my favorite wrap gift was from Nick Offerman's woodshop. It was a beautiful maple keepsake box.

Oh, and the box in question is the same one Ron Swanson gifted Chris and Anne at their going away party:

VERY PERCEPTIVE! The box that Ron Swanson gave me, Nick Offerman built. And it sits in my office as we speak.

Nobel Prize winning Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is Retta's (Donna Meagle) aunt:

I think the most profound difference [between the character and the actress] is Donna does not have a relative that's won a Nobel prize. 

There are a few role Rob Lowe was up for that he regrets not getting:

Some roles I came close to getting, other roles I had no shot at getting.But over the years, I really wanted to be Jerry Maguire, I really wanted Kevin Bacon's part in Footloose, I would have loved to have done Andrew Lloyd Weber's male lead in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway. But happily, there haven't been that many others.

Playing Dr. Jack Startz in Behind the Candleabra took a ton of preparation:

It was about 2 hours every morning in makeup and hair, and I will say we shot 12 hour days, so 12 hours is a long time to have your skin pulled that tight but it was well worth it.

Lowe reveals how he got involved with The Outsiders:

Francis Ford Coppola was going to be the director. And he remains one of my favorite directors. And that it was clear that the best young actors of the time were all competing for the roles, so I wanted to win that survival of the fittest.

My good friend Kevin Falls is the creator of Franklin & Bash, and we have worked together on the West Wing, on the Lion's Den, and on a new show we're developing for USA Network, and Kevin had that recurring "Rob Lowe lives next door" joke and it made me laugh, and then he asked if I would be willing to come on and make an appearance, so I did it!

Lowe talks about his upcoming Comedy Central project, Moonbeam City:

WOW, so excited that you know about it already! Moonbeam City is a new cartoon that I am starring in for Comedy Central that probably won't be on the air until very early next year, and it is hilarious, wildly politically incorrect, and very very very wrong. It takes place in Moonbeam City, America's most swinging and dangerous city in 1985, and I am the coolest, most bitchin' top cop, who probably causes more crimes than he actually solves.

Rashida Jones apparently left Parks and Recreation to write some top secret big movie:

Rashida is currently writing a very very big top secret movie. And that was her dream. She's a wonderful writer. And one of the things I love about brain trust at Parks & Rec is that they always let us do our outside endeavors and follow our passions, even to the extent of letting Rashida go when she had a great opportunity.

To read the entire thing, head to Reddit.

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