The hardworking analysts of Pornhub decided to have some fun with data and porn, examining the viewing habits of red (Republican) and blue (Democrat) states. One thing's for sure: the U.S. is a nation of fap lords. 

After looking at the number of page views by state, they learned that the stats are actually rather close: 9.33 pages in blue states compared to 9.2 in red. However, when broken down per capita, distance begins to form. Blue states average 137 pages per capita, compared to 121 in red states. 

When it comes to individual states, Kansas is the leader among the Republican states with 194 views per capita, while Nevada unsurprisingly leads the Democrats at 166. 

The takeaway? Even though people may not see eye to eye on politics, most have a healthy appreciation for porn.

[via Pornhub]