Did you miss me Internetz? The legend of Broseph Montana is back to grace your computer screens with pure, uncut foolishness courtesy of the #fuccbois (and girls) on Facebook. Aside from Zuck changing the privacy settings every week and tweaking the shitty design, the biggest problem with FB as its grown into the most powerful social network in the world is its ability to amplify one person's idiocy for everybody to see. No status update, photo, comment, or like is safe on these digital streets. Whether you like it or not, your actions on Facebook are public record. It's true what they say; the Internet never forgets. Oh, you didn't think we noticed? Nah, b. Peep these 12 People Who Should Stop Using Facebook Right Now and be grateful to the Based God that it's not you. 

BROSEPH MONTANA was formerly Kanye West's speechwriter. Consider yourself fortunate to be in his presence.