PayPal has a brand new logo designed by Yves Béhar of the design studio fuseproject in San Francisco. 

It's better, for sure, and it fulfills what the company wanted it to do: to set it apart from other similar-looking "parking" signs people might confuse it with when they're searching for a spot on the street. The design, which makes the double "p" of the logo a lot more distinct, with some brighter colors to go along with it, is also meant to look better on small screen, like a smartwatch. 

"Silicon Valley tends to be very focused on great products but isn't as focused on great brands in some ways," Béhar said. "If you think about the size and scale of their influence, I believe they really deserve a look at their identity in a way that is more global and they need look at it in a way that matches their ambitions."

The logo still looks a little boring, but hey, it's a step up from the previous version. 

[via Dezeen]