April 15 is the last day to file taxes, and unless you're some super-rich dude or a freelancer who forgot to write off his entire life, you're probably going to get a refund check. Despite the fact that it's actually money you earned that was taken away by our benevolent government and is now being partially returned, getting your tax refund always feels like you've won some sort of prize. This makes it oh so easy to spend very, very easily. People are always talking about how they're going to spend their tax money on a trip to Paris, new kicks, or a night of hedonism, but how often does that actually happen? Most likely, you're going to blow your cash on something stupid, ridiculous, or absolutely pointless. With that in mind, consider spending your tax refund on one of these outrageous items—at least you can resell them on eBay next year when you finally owe the government money

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