Which brings us to the Dyad Institute, the creepy organization that both Delphine and Rachel work for, and the one treating new clone Jennifer Fitzsimmons. Right now, it's not clear if they're evil or not. We know that they're behind the clone experiment, and that it's a product of their steps in the "neolution" movement, a sub-form of evolution.

The Dyad Institute's face: its overseer, Dr. Aldous Leekie.

Other than that, we don't know much about institute. As Paul, who was Beth's monitor and boyfriend, tells Sarah once he discovers that Beth is actually dead, the Dyad Institute forced him to be a monitor because they're blackmailing him with information from when he was a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. Thus, it's clear they're not exactly a clean organization. They often brought the clones in (without their knowledge) for testing, treating them more as experiments than actual people. They even refer to them as binary code numbers instead of their actual names:

And, worst of all, they have no issue killing off anyone, monitor or even clone, to get what they want. As Cosima discovers towards the end of the season one... Well, we'll get to that soon enough.