The next member of the self-proclaimed "clone club": Cosima Niehaus, an insanely smart doctorate student from Minnesota studying evolutionary development, or, as she likes to call it, "evo devo." She's originally from San Francisco, which means that she's super cool, super chill, and a super stoner.

Unbeknownst to Sarah, Alison, and previously Beth, Cosima has been researching mysterious respiratory problems that another clone, Katja of Germany, contracted out of the blue and trying to figure out if it's in the biological make-up of all the clones to contract the same thing. 

Her research is sort of put-off, however, when she meets the very French and very hot Delphine Cormier. According to Cosima, she realizes from the very beginning that Delphine is actually her monitor, sent from the Dyad Institute to get close to her and keep tabs. Still, that doesn't stop her from doing this, consistently:

And it definitely doesn't stop the two of them from falling deeply and adorably in love with one another. 

Towards the end of the season, Cosima realizes that she, too, is contracting the same disease from which Katja was dying. She has no clue how to cure herself, or if the other clones will begin to exhibit it as well. Delphine vows to help her and stand by her through whatever may happen.