The future of virtual reality gaming is looking very bright these day. Whether you like it or not, nerd darling Oculus VR, the makers of the Oculus Rift headset have been snatched up by billion dollar slinging Facebook all while folding every major tech and game icon into its ranks. Sony has a headset – Project Morpheus – that already works with some current titles and Microsoft is still secretly working on its gear for the Xbox One.

An accessory that has been hanging around now for awhile, the VR treadmill Virtuix Omni, which seems to capture the promise of virtual mobility in games and at the same time the impossible dorkiness that must be accepted to use it, will go on sale for $499 in September. That price doesn't include the Oculus Rift headset – which you can still only get if you're a developer – nor the PC game controller.

The treadmill uses special shoes to interpret, walking, running and jumping into a game and a support harness keeps you from busting your ass.

What do you think? To dorky to use or secret gamer dream come true? And can I use the PowerGlove with it?

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[via Eurogamer]