Accurately-titled Tumblr Judgmental Maps, who took on New York City last week, have set their sites on San Francisco. Like their NYC incarnation, the SF map riffs on stereotypes for comedic effect, but to their credit they're uncomfortably accurate most of the time. For instance, some choice re-named 'hoods and landmarks include: 

The Mission: "Techspañol"
Potrero Hill: "Lesbians and dog owners"
Mission Dolores Park: "Once-cool park now full of idiot tech stereotypes" 
Upper Haight: "This place used to mean something" 
The Richmond: "New hipsters" 

As an ex-resident of The Mission, I do have to take issue with their "Gangs" tag, however. Considering that I was living on 23rd and Bryant in like 2010, it has to be fully gentrified by now. Then again, maybe they're referring to the tech geeks who have founded gangs of their own—or, as they like to call them, guilds. That, I could probably get into. 

For a bigger version of the map, visit their website

[via Judgmental Maps]

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