Artist: Mobb Deep
Location: Queenbridge Houses, 41st Ave. side 
Neighborhood: Long Island City, Queens

Just barely out of their teens, Havoc and Prodigy slapped hip-hop in the mouth with gritty tales of life in Queensbridge (where Havoc grew up) on their landmark second album, The Infamous

Mobb Deep relayed stories of life Queensbridge Houses and New York City just like Nas did, but with a darker, menacing undertone. Where Illmatic and Nas' subsequent releases are dramas, The Infamous and the albums that succeeded it are horror films. 

The 40th Street side of the Queensbridge Houses is all Nas, so the 41st Street side belongs to Mobb Deep. They filmed the "Survival of the Fittest" video in Queensbridge, and they've evolved beyond the nightmarish surroundings of their youth. Their history should be archived and remembered outside of in 8 Mile.