It's been months in the works, but once Microsoft completes its acquisition of Nokia's mobile division soon, the smartphone maker won't just have a new owner: it will have a new name.

Microsoft officially announced that once the deal is complete, it'll change the name of Nokia (Nokia Oyj) to Microsoft Mobile. "Please note that upon the close of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia, the name of Nokia Corporation/Nokia Oyj will change to Microsoft Mobile Oy," the company said in a letter to suppliers. Microsoft bought Nokia last year for $7 billion, and while it was expected that the deal would close late 2013, the deal still has to be approved by antitrust groups in Asia (aka, there's still some i's to dot and t's to cross.) Microsoft didn't buy the entire Nokia company, just its mobile division, so "Nokia" will still live on, just not in the way we've come to know.

Take a look back on Nokia here.

[via Times of India]