Smoke from a New Jersey brush fire in Wharton State Park could be smelled across New York City this morning. The New York Times reports that the fire, which started Sunday, was located 90 miles south of Manhattan. 

Due to unusual weather conditions, the smoke was carried further than normal. “It was remarkable that the fire continued to burn overnight and kept putting out smoke. Normally, the humidity would have put it out," Tim Morrin, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service, told The Times

So far, the fire has burned 1,500 acres, or about two square miles.  Firefighters are dropping water on the fire from planes to contain it. As of 8:30 Monday morning, News Day reported that the fire was about 30% contained. There are no reported injuries and no structures have been damaged. The cause of the fire remains unknown. 

[via The New York Times and News Day]

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