A new reform bill would make it easier for Michigan residents to re-purpose the carcasses of animals hit by carsThe bill was approved 27-10 by the Michigan state Senate and will now head to the House.

As it stands now, there are many restriction on who can legally pick up game from the side of the road. Only the person who hits the animal, has a hunting license, or obtains a salvage tag from police can scoop it up. The bill's sponsor, Sen. Darwin Booher, says the bill will stop dead animals from going to waste.

According to The Detroit News: 

Booher’s “roadkill salvage” bill would make it even simpler for someone to grab the remains of a small game animal.

The claimant would create a written record of the haul and keep it “until the game and its parts are consumed, are composted, or are no longer possessed.”

While it may seem gross to eat roadkill, it actually makes a lot of sense. 

“People should be able to stop and pick up a squirrel or a rabbit and take it home,” Booher said. “If it would be a muskrat or a mink ... they should be able to skin it or, if they know somebody, let them salvage $7 off it, or $20.”

Venison tonight, anyone? 

[via The Detroit News]

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