If you want to play a baseball video game this year, you have no choice but to go to PlayStation. MLB's The Show series has proven to be among the best sports sims around.

This year, there's over a month difference between releases for the PlayStation 3 and PS4. The PS3 version released on April 1, but the next-gen version won't come out until May 6. How's a baseball fan to pick?

Luckily for us, Brian Mazique of Franchise Sports Play has our review of the PS3 version, so we know whether or not we have to wait.

The game plays like it used to, but with some improvements like a more predictable umpire. It still looks great (though the PS4 version will be prettier). Road to the Show is back, stronger and more realistic. Franchise Play has been cleaned up with improved scouting and free agency options. Lag has been proving an issue to enjoying online play, though, and we hope that improves.

Hit play on the video above and find out if you should hold out for the PS4 version or spring for the PS3 version right now.

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