Okay, be sad all you want that Breaking Bad is done for, but if there's any form of solace, its Metastasis: a.k.a., the Spanish version of Breaking BadEntertainment Weekly has come through with some photos of the Spanish remake

There are plenty of similarities between both shows. Walter White is Walter Blanco—this translates exactly to Walter White in Spanish, for those of you who didn't pay attention at all in high school Spanish class. EW points out that there will be a few differences, of course: For one, it's set in an entirely different culture and continent, so if you tune in expect Metastasis to be a "blend of high-stakes telenovela drama and American cable TV storytelling." 

One big difference is the Saul Goodman character hosts his own late night talk show called Cuéntele a Saúl, in which he offers sketchy legal advice. 

That modest pool in the backyard won't be around in Metastasis. Columbia is really about that pool life. 

Drugs will be cooked in this bus because RVs aren't very common in South America.

Head over to EW for a few more photosGet your subtitles ready, Metastasis airs later this year. 

[via EW]