Officials in Nebraska say a man charged with first-degree murder had his testicles partially ripped off during a fight with another man facing murder charges at the county jail last night. 

According to the Omaha World Herald, 24-year-old Anthony Floyd was attacked by 34-year-old Marcus M. Escamilla in the law library of the Douglas County Jail. Though neither man was armed, Escamilla still managed to partially detach Floyd's testicles from his body.

Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning told the World Herald that Floyd was taken to Nebraska Medical Center to have his testicles reattached. 

Floyd is reportedly awaiting trial for his alleged role in the October murder of Rodney M. Hunt, while Escamilla has also been charged with first-degree murder for killing Kenneth D. Gunia last April. 

[via Omaha World Herald and Gawker]

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