Magic Mike was the sleeper critical hit of 2012, but it shall first and first mostly always be remembered as one of the early glimpses of the McConaissance. So, of course, it got a sequel. While the dude stripper movie, Magic Mike XXL, is set to hit theaters on July 3, 2015, it's already beginning to receive attention: Upon receiving the Trailblazer award at the MTV Movie Awards, co-writer and star, Channing Tatum, shared a few details about the movie.

"We don't want to make some dark drama" he said. "There was some darkness in the last movie and I think it surprised people and shocked people. This one, we want to have a lot of conflict and a lot of struggle, but we also want there to be a shit ton of fun. A shit ton of ridiculous stuff that you would never see in a movie, on the face of the earth, ever again."

Soooooo...expect this to be rated R. 

[via Indiewire]