Warner Bros. announced this week their open-world Mad Max game adaptation won't be making it to stores this year, pushing the cross-gen game's release back to 2015. Perhaps to soothe the pain of the delay (or to compensate), they've also released a new trailer that focuses on Max's car, giving some light lip-service to the various ways you can upgrade and customize it.

While the game itself is still maybe too early to call (do we really need a West Coast Customs cross-promotion?) it's probably a good sign that it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the next year's Tom Hardy-led reboot of the classic post-apocalyptic series, though Warner might want to think about not having digital Max be voiced by an American. Will the game do the road warrior justice? We'll find out next year – preferably not with a coinciding film-and-game release date.

[Via Youtube]