A "total tragedy" happened in San Francisco when an iOS developer had her Macbook Air and iPhone stolen in a cafe while she went to the bathroom and didn't ask anyone to watch her shit

The woman was able to get the security footage that shows the thief, who waited patiently for the right moment to strike. (The action starts around the 1:50 mark.) The woman and her husband started a Tumblr page to get their devices back.

Here's some information from the victim:

UPDATE: If you have any more information about the girl in black and white, please reach out to the San Francisco Police Department at (415) 315-2400. Case Number: 140281005 I am a freelance iOS developer. I live and work in San Francisco.

A total tragedy happened to me yesterday. My virtual limbs (aka MacBook Air and iPhone) were stolen at a local coffee shop on Post st. and Taylor st. in SF Downtown area. Months worth of creative work I stored on my device will be lost forever, if I can't catch this girl and get my computer back. Click here for new New Updates PLEASE SHARE THIS POST AND HELP GET MY COMPUTER BACK!

Video found at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbrzOLh8Eb4 Location: Post & Taylor Time of Crime: April 4, 4:35pm (The time in surveillance camera is 12 hours off) At 3:20pm, This blonde thief comes into the coffee shop and eyes my computer.

This can happen ANYWHERE. I used to work at a university library, and students stole from students all of the time. Don't leave your valuables around if you have no one to watch them. 

[via SF Weekly]